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CMAK wire rope hoist 1
CMAK Wire Rope Hoist
CM wire rope hoist
Crane Estimation

CMAK Crane Systems,

Northern Cranes  offer flexible crane design solutions, using world-leading products from industry giants such as CMAK Crane Systems.

Cmak crane systems is an expert engineering and manufacturing company, which excels at high quality electric crane components. CMAK Crane Systems reach both world and domestic customers with partners thanks to our affordable products that are produced by in one of the most modern production facilities through CMAK organization. In addition to our crane systems that are produced with the world’s leading technology, we offer traditions, ethical merits and our engineering success to our customers.


High Performance, High Durability, High Service Life

4th generation high quality CMK series electric wire rope hoists are designed for heavy condition that is up to 80.000kg lifting capacity. CMK series electric wire rope hoist have creative mechanical design, special crane drivers on each motion, high lifting capacity and electronic braking system.


CMX Series Electric Wire Rope Hoists

Long Service Life, Robust, High Quality

High quality CMX series electric wire rope hoists are designed for medium-heavy conditions that is up to 37.500kg lifting capacity. CMX series provide easy installation with stable welding structure nevertheless they are very reliable industrial hoists with hoisting done via double speed by pole changing motor and trolley traversing controlled with frequency inverter.

CMAK_0050-beyaz_K (1)

Wire Rope Electric Hoist

Lifting Capacity: 1~20t

YALE global King Wire Rope Hoist

Features & Benefits

  • Rope drum is deep-grooved with heavy-duty rope guide as standard

  • Heavy-duty DC disc brake is rated at 200% torque, provides quick, positive stops and load holding

  • Steel compound tread wheels for long life and use on either wide-flange or “S” beams. One wheel on each side of trolley driven for positive tracking

  • All controls are housed in NEMA 4/12 enclosure with easily accessible electrical components

  • Upper/lower geared limit switch is standard for regulated load travel

  • Two-speed hoist and trolley control for smooth acceleration and precise load positioning

  • Low headroom design assures maximum hook travel

  • Triple reduction hoist gearing in an oil tight gear case

Wire Rope Hoist
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