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Gantry crane


Lifting Capacity: 1~100t
Span: 10m~40m
Lifting Height: 6m,9m,12m,15m,18m

Overhead cranes can be similar in terms of specifications and configurations. No two crane builds are exactly alike! A crane that worked in a similar building structure, or similar lifting application, may not be the best crane for your facility or your application. So, selecting the right type of crane for your business is critical to maximising efficiency, streamlining workflow, reducing cost, improving safety and minimising production time.


​​Gantry Cranes

Gantry Overhead Cranes are mainly for outdoor use, where the crane is required to have extra height in order to be able to carry out all of its functions. They are predominantly used in shipyards and other similar environments, where a tall crane structure is needing for lifting over and around large, bulky objects.

​At Northern Cranes we manufacture Overhead Cranes and Bridge Cranes that offer exceptional reliability and dependability at competitive prices. 

When selecting an Overhead Crane it is important to first understand the needs of your system and select a product that will provide a reliable solution in your particular environment, that works with your facilities structural capabilities. Single Girder Top Running Overhead Cranes are designed to travel on top of a runway system that can be either supported by engineered columns or existing building columns. Our collaborative approach ensures that the Overhead Crane System you select exceeds your expectations for not only quality but reliability. We assess your facilities capabilities, evaluate the needs of the system, determine weight and span requirements, and recommend systems that are tailored to your specific needs. 


Northern Cranes partners with industry leading suppliers to offer exceptional parts and components when designing and manufacturing Overhead Crane Systems. What that means is we provide our Customers with only the most innovative and technologically advanced components when designing and manufacturing a Crane System.


Our years of experience in the industry Overhead and Bridge Crane Manufacturing sets us apart from the competition and how we can increase productivity and safety at your facility! 

What Type of Crane Do I Need?

When you purchase hoist, parameters need to offer as followings:
1. Lifting capacity
2. Lifting height
3. Working class (how many hours the crane will work in one working day)
4. The Voltage, frequency
5. The beam model to match (I beam or box type beam)
6. Power supply system?
7. Hoist model (wire rope hoist or chain hoist, if chain hoist, manual type or electric type,manual motorized trolley)
8. Working environment(temperature, humidity, elevation)

When you purchase complete crane, parameters need to offer as followings:
1. What kind of crane? (overhead crane, gantry crane , suspension crane, lifting mechanism is hoist type or winch type)
2. What is the purpose of crane? or what you lift with crane?
3. Lifting capacity
4. Span (you can supply workshop layout or the workshop length and width)
5. Lifting height
6. Working conditions (how many hours the crane work in one day, how about weight you lift at one time? how long time only in one working period? how many the cycle times in one day?)
7. Working environment (temperature, humidity, elevation)
8. The Voltage, frequency
9. Wind speed (when need gantry crane)
10.Do you have some special functions requests? (Working area, intelligent functions etc.)


Think Long-Term

When you consider these questions, things can be a bit overwhelming, but it could make the difference between simply spending some money on an overhead lifting system and investing in a system to improve your operations, increase worker safety and efficiency, and improve product quality

Every project has a budget. In an attempt to control project costs, some customers consider inappropriate crane types that can be risky, often greatly reducing the effectiveness of the crane and, in the long run, wasting money. Starting with an honest evaluation of your lifting needs is of paramount importance in selecting a crane for your factory.


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